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Research Update

AtenAten Biotherapeutics is focused on developing novel nano and biotechnology based therapeutic solutions for patients of orphan diseases, especially, lysosomal storage disorders, with the hope of improving their quality of life significantly.

“Aten is developing new therapeutics for Pompe based on gene therapy and Neimann-Pick based on nanotechnology. These new therapeutics are artificial viruses that can introduce the gene into the patient’s body which can produce the missing enzyme, hence resulting in alleviation of the diseased state and providing relief to the patients. Current treatments being developed for these diseases require repeated intrathecal administrations of the drug/therapy which is painful.  Aten plans to develop a therapeutic that can be administered intravenously to the patient thereby increasing patient compliance significantly and improve their quality of life. Aten’s mission is to bring affordable therapy to rare disease patients in India and also improve their quality of life and living standards significantly.”

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