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Patient Stories

Case Study of Madhina, 2 years Old Suffering from Pompe- Bijapur Karnataka

A child is the most beautiful asset for parents. I and my Wife were blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Madiha on March 13, 2011. I cannot explain how happy I was at that time only to realize that this happiness was for short span. Madiha was 3-4 months old when it came to […]

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Story of Eshan- Who became close to GOD than parents

We were blessed with this cute little boy we named Dvishan (nick name Eshan) on September 18th 2009. Though he had to go through some trouble due to fetal distress during labor, none of us were even remotely aware of what his future would look like. When Eshan was close to two months old, he […]

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The Story Of George, Aged 15 Years

George Jacob Thomas, aged 15 had been diagnosed in 2007 to be suffering from Pompe’s. During 2004, when George was 8 years old, the parents noticed that George was slow in his physical activities especially climbing stairs. He could run with difficulty. He used to get up from the floor on his own but with […]

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